Interested in Becoming a Certified Nurse Aide?

We offer a CNA Program!

Class Details

Program Instructor

Chandra Savage Bowen, LPN

Online Program Instructor

Jasmin Mosdell, RN

What will you learn?

Learn the fundamentals of a nurse aide and basic nursing skills while respecting client rights, promoting independence, meeting the psychological and mental needs of clients, and following state and federal regulations.

110 Hour Program

  • Theory (Online) 40 hours
  • Labs 30 hours
  • Clincials 40 hours


Private pay $800 + additional costs (Additional costs are drug test, tb screening, required vaccinations, background check)

The facility waives all costs if the student agrees to work in the facility for one year.

Program Site

Hillcrest Care Center & The Towers
360 Canyon Ridge Drive
Wray, CO 80758


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