Interested in Becoming a Certified Nurse Aide?

We offer a CNA Program!

Class Details

Program Instructor

Chandra Savage Bowen, LPN

Online Program Instructor

Jasmin Mosdell, RN

What will you learn?

Learn the fundamentals of a nurse aide and basic nursing skills while respecting client rights, promoting independence, meeting the psychological and mental needs of clients, and following state and federal regulations.

110 Hour Program

  • Theory (Online) 40 hours
  • Labs 30 hours
  • Clincials 40 hours


Private pay $800 + additional costs (Additional costs are drug test, tb screening, required vaccinations, background check)

The facility waives all costs if the student agrees to work in the facility for one year.

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Program Site

Hillcrest Care Center & The Towers
360 Canyon Ridge Drive
Wray, CO 80758


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