The Benefits of Choosing a Skilled Nursing Facility That is Medicare and Medicaid Certified

Finding the best senior care services for your loved one doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Choosing a Medicare and Medicaid-certified skilled nursing facility, certified for seniors who require ongoing medical attention and support, can provide numerous benefits. 

Don’t settle for just any nursing facility when selecting a healthcare facility for your loved one. By choosing one that meets high-quality standards, safety, and assurance, you can be confident that you or your loved one will receive excellent care. These facilities are also held to stringent requirements for staffing levels, patient satisfaction with their senior care services, and overall quality of care provided. 

Let’s discuss more in-depth the benefits of a Medicare and Medicaid-certified facility. Let’s get started. 

Why You Should Consider a Skilled Nursing Facility That Accepts Medicare and Medicaid 

Access To Government Funding

Medicare and Medicaid can give seniors access to government funding and financial support for their medical care. Seniors can benefit from a wide array of senior care services covering everything from preventive care to prescription drugs, mental health assistance, and home health care. These provisions allow them to get the medical attention they need in many forms, including rehabilitative treatments.

Improved Quality Care 

These nursing facilities must meet rigorous standards for the highest quality of care, providing seniors with a full range of services from daily tasks to special medical treatment. Furthermore, ongoing assessments are conducted on each resident so their needs can be fulfilled, and any changes in a condition can be identified quickly and handled appropriately. 

Increased Safety 

These skilled nursing facilities have the highest security standards that they must meet. This ensures a safe environment for their senior citizens at all times. Additionally, these places of care often have staff members dedicated to monitoring and responding promptly to any safety risks or concerns.

Better Staff Training 

These facilities must have a high level of training. Through this training, employees can stay current on emerging best practices; this will set a good foundation for better caregiving. Senior care facilities must have in-house systems to track and document staff training.

Feel Confident With Our Medicare and Medicaid Certified Nursing Facility 

Selecting a skilled nursing facility for you or your loved ones can be overwhelming. Despite the many aspects that factor into this important choice, one of the essential items to consider is whether it has received certification to accept Medicare and Medicaid.

Hillcrest Care Center & The Towers is a Medicare and Medicaid certified facility. We aim to offer a secure and comfortable setting for all residents by providing quality care led by our highly trained staff dedicated to helping seniors live their best lives. Feel confident that your loved one is being cared for with compassion and the utmost protection.  Your loved one deserves to continue living a fulfilling and enjoyable life during their golden years. That is why we provide engaging activities and personalized plans tailored precisely to each individual’s needs. We know you want your loved one to be treated like family; that’s precisely what we do. If you’re searching for senior care and are looking for assisted living facilities, we also provide that at The Towers facility.  Learn more about our programs by contacting us via email, online, or by phone, and learn more about what Hillcrest Care Center & The Towers has to offer. 


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